Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinner on the cheap - Ramen Bowls!

You know it.  You love it.  You probably ate nothing but it in's ramen!  Times are tight, so we've been looking for creative ways to eat on the cheap.  Zack discovered the Budget Bytes blog a few months ago before the layoffs.  It's a lovely little blog by Beth M., a money conscious foodie.  It must have been fate!  Or google. 
This ramen bowl was our first experiment with a Budget Byte's recipe.  It was easy to do, yummy and of course, cheap!  We bought the ramen on sale for .17¢ each.  As with most of our recipes, I added way more veggies than required.  We included shredded carrots, sliced mushrooms and baby spinach.  In lieu of the flavor packet we added soy sauce and a splash of fish sauce.

Zack dislikes runny egg yolks so I opted for making egg-ribbons similar to egg-drop soup.  Apparently I haven't mastered egg-ribbon making.  It ended up more like broth with little chunks of egg floating in it.

We bought a jar of chili-garlic sauce to add some heat.  It was yummy but very similar to sriracha sauce.  If you have sriracha at home, just use it instead.  Overall I would say this is a 4 star dish.  It would be perfect for an evening when you are really tired and don't feel like making anything elaborate.

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