Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chickpea Fattet Tostadas

After last night's flavor debacle, we decided to try something else from The Gourmet Vegetarian Slow Cooker and this time it worked out great. Tonight's dish was very simple and actually didn't need the slow cooker at all. The only part of the recipe that called for the cooker was to cook the dried chickpeas. I didn't want to let them go all day, so I just did the quick cook method that took about an hour. Rather than sitting in the slow cooker all day, I just boiled the dried chickpeas for a couple of minutes and let them sit in the hot water until they were ready.

I had never made hummus before, so we just followed the recipe from the book. In the future I'll cut back on the amount of garlic, but otherwise it was tasty. One downside to making our own hummus is that our little food processor is loud and makes our dog cower under our feet.

The dish was very good and much more filling than we had expected. We will definitely do this one again.

just before the poor dog was under foot

pita is hard to slice

hummus all done

pita toasted under the broiler, hummus, romaine lettuce, roasted pine nuts, a touch of fresh mint and Greek-style yogurt: easy peasy

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