Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zucchini Pizza

Some nights we take a chance and it just doesn't work out. Tonight was one of those nights with our Zucchini Pizza experiment. The pizza has some promise, but what we ended up eating was really not very good. Don't let that stop you from reading the rest of this.

The pizza recipe was from Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats page 275. We made a few alterations, as usual. We replaced the ricotta cheese with cottage cheese which was an okay change. The change that we didn't like so much was the dough. The recipe calls for rolls of pizza dough and we went with a whole wheat pre-made dough that just was not good at all. We did find an easy enough looking recipe online that we may try next time, but it needs a few hours before it is ready.

The biggest issue we ran into was that while the recipe calls for 2 rolls of dough. We miscalculated the amount of dough and what do you know, we put twice as much topping on one pie and that was a big mistake. The biggest issue was that the cottage cheese had eight (yes e-i-g-h-t, 8) cloves of garlic in it. Now we love garlic and eat it a lot, but this was just way too much. Also with that much cottage cheese on on crust, it oozed all over the place in the baking process.

In the future we will go with another dough, maybe add some fresh tomato as a topping and cut back on the garlic.

beware the garlic
brown thin slices of zucchini (this part was yummy)

 the right side oozed

at least it looks pretty

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