Monday, May 6, 2013

Curry, Carrot Salad & Some Disappointing Naan

Last week was Zack's "birthday week."  You may be unfamiliar with this particular holiday - essentially it is the week surrounding his birthday (a hubby declared holiday) during which he spends a lot of time saying things like "It's my birthday week!  I can eat this meat-stuffed-with-cheese-wrapped-in-carbs-and-deep-fried if I want!" Which is all well and good, but after a week of eating heavy foods, I was looking forward to something a bit lighter.  When Z suggested curry, I was all about it.

We used the recipe from Jamie Oliver's Meals in Minutes.  The summary of this book says that it is about putting "delicious plates of food on the table in no time."  Maybe we're just not as fast as a professional chef, because the minutes ended up exceeding an hour and the kitchen pretty much looked like it had exploded by the time we were done.  That aside, the curry was delicious!

It started neatly enough
Sauteing veggies for the curry
Ingredients for carrot salad
The finished salad
Time to eat!
The curry was delicious - the butternut squash made it slightly sweet and creamy.  Neither of us like cauliflower, but you couldn't really taste it in this dish.  It was a little spicy from the red chile, but not overwhelmingly so.  The carrot salad on the other hand was super spicy!  It had both red chile and freshly grated ginger.  The greek yogurt helped to cut the fire.  We tried INDIANLife naan bread as a side, but it wasn't very good.  

We will definitely make this curry and salad again, but probably on a weekend when we have a little more time to cook and clean up.

Gratuitous close up, just 'cause 

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